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2015 Ford Edge [REVIEW]

Now in its third-generation, the 2015 Ford Edge is the best Edge yet.


The Ford Edge was introduced 10 years ago and now the 2015 Edge kicks off the all-new third generation. Since its introduction the Edge has been one of the most popular five-seat crossovers on the market. For the 2015 Edge, Ford started with a clean slate, with some of the stuff that buyers liked about the last two generations thrown in. What we have now is the best looking Edge yet that is now powered by new engines and filled with the latest tech features. How well does it stack up against its newest competitors, like the also new Kia Sorento and Nissan Murano?

The styling of the last two generations wasn’t very exciting, but now the new Edge looks sleek and sporty. The 2015 Edge is now more distinctive and aggressive than the last two, which will help it compete with the sculpted new Murano. If you want to dial up the sportiness even more, the Edge Sport adds blacked-out trim bits and larger wheels. Overall the new Edge takes the shape from the last two generations and dials it up to a 10. It’s a great looking crossover.


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Inside the 2015 Edge’s interior gets a big upgrade. The materials are now a step or two above the last Edge and its dash layout borrows styling cues from the larger Explorer. There’s also more interior room with an inch more legroom in the rear.

Under the hood the 2015 Edge is offered with a choice of three engines. The least powerful engine in terms of horsepower is a new 2.0L EcoBoost turbocharged four-cylinder engine that generates 245 horsepower and 275 lb-ft. of torque. If you want a traditional V6 the old 3.5L V6 returns with 280 horsepower and 250 lb-ft. of torque – yup the V6 has less torque than the smaller 2.0L. The top dog of the lineup is the 2.7L twin-turbocharged V6 that also does duty in the F-150. It makes a nice 315 horsepower and 350 lb-ft. of torque. Unfortunately the 2.7L is only available in the Edge Sport. The 2.0L is rated at 20/30 mpg with front-wheel-drive, while the AWD version is rated at 20/28 mpg. Those specs are better than the 3.5L which is rated at 18/26 mpg with FWD and 17/25 mpg with AWD. The Edge Sport is rated at 18/27 mpg with FWD and 17/24 mpg with AWD.


How does it drive? The new 2.0L engine does a great job of getting the Edge going and in most cases its more than adequate. Off the line its acceleration is strong, but as the RPMs climb it does seem to lose a bit of momentum. Around town and during normal driving its more than up for the job, but with only 245 horsepower on tap, the 2.0L can’t keep up with the Murano’s standard V6. If you want something that’s got a little more punch then make sure you check out the Edge Sport. The 315-hp Edge Sport accelerates quickly without much drama. Smash the pedal to the floor and you’re greeted with a rush of power, but it would be nice if the exhaust note sounded a bit sportier.


Since the 2015 Edge is completely new, its ride and handling have also been addressed and now its a much better handling SUV than before. Over road imperfections the Edge remains composed and has a nice solid feeling. Its suspension also doesn’t have the floaty feeling that plague some of its competitors. Again if you want an even tighter set up, the Edge Sport also gets a sportier suspension with thicker anti-roll bars, stiffer springs and different struts.


Pricing for the 2015 Ford Edge starts at $28,995 for the base Edge SE, while the top Edge Sport starts at $38,995.