Porsche will likely expand the electric Mission E family, but one thing is for certain, don’t expect to see a Porsche electric tractor anytime soon. Porsche is having a little fun with the reveal of the Porsche Mission E Tractor, which is Porsche’s version of an April Fool’s Day joke.

To create the Porsche Mission E Tractor, Porsche says that it took design cues from its original mid 1950s tractors, but then added the same advanced digital connectivity and 800v fast-charging architecture that powers the Mission E. “With a power output in excess of 700hp, the Mission E Tractor will be the fastest accelerating agricultural vehicle in the world, enabling farmers to harvest crops in record time with the added environmental benefits of zero emissions at source and significantly reduced operating noise.”

Not that you’d ever want to drive a tractor on the Nurburgring, but Porsche feels that the Mission E Tractor will “set a pretty good lap time on the Nordschleife.”

Source: Porsche