Toyota could build the FT-4X concept if buyers want it

Toyota unveiled the rugged, subcompact Toyota FT-4X concept this week at the New York Auto Show. The small, somewhat funky concept is aimed at millennials that want something like the old FJ Cruiser, but in a more compact, urban friendly size. Although the concept does have some pretty wacky parts, Toyota could build it if buyers want it.

The FT-4X is based on the same platform as the C-HR compact crossover, so its seen as a more rugged alternative. Think of the relationship between the old Honda Element and Honda CR-V.

“Would I like to see something like this built? Absolutely,” stated Jack Hollis, Toyota’s brand general manager. “It’s not a concept that is so over the top or out of whack that you can’t build it.”

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The FT-4X could have more male appeal than many of the current subcompact crossovers on the market.

“I always imagined like the C-HR is the city mouse and FT-4X is the country mouse,” said Ian Cartabiano, studio chief designer at Toyota’s Calty Design Research center.

Only time will tell, but according to Hollis, the FT-4X will start a discussion, “It’s a starting point for a discussion on a very doable vehicle.”


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